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Welcome to our

Affiliate Program!

You want to make money with your website,

blog or social media account?

What we offer you

Earning money made easy!

Thats what your cooperation can look like:

Your affiliate link closes 5 contracts:
1x Online Shop + Add-ons – 139€/mo*
2x Website + Add-ons – 218€/mo*
2x Social Media + Add-ons – 308€/mo*
*valid with basic package monthly + Add-ons

You will get:
6,95€ + 10,90€ + 15,40€ = 33,25€ per Month
Whats special about a SpoonFeed partnership? You will earn moneyfrequently, as long as we maintain a clients web presence. Thismeans you will earn money monthly not just once!*
*valid as long as your clients contract is running


How to become an affiliate partner

Sign up

Sign up here

We will approve your registration and send you a link to your affiliate dashboard.


Choose one of our banners or links and place it on your channels.



Every sale of a product will earn you 5% per month.
*as long as the clients contract is active.

Your advantages as a SpoonFeed affiliate

The SpoonFeed affiliate program allows you to:

  • earn 10€ with every sale on top of your 5% commission
  • earn 5% commission
  • get every product 20% off and earn another 10% off if you refer an affiliate to us
  • monthly income without effort
  • the chance to directly influence our products and services
  • create your own template design to use yourself or promote to your followers

What you need to know / FAQ

How to earn money

Earning money is easy. We will provide you with a link that you can easily incorporate to your website, blog or social media. Every sale that is made through your link will earn you money.

How does it work?

Sign up to our affiliate program, share SpoonFeed with your followers and refer them to our website through an affiliate link. Every time one of your followers buys a product you earn money.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up here.

As soon as we approved your application you will get a link to your personal dashboard where you can manage your affiliate links and monitor your sales.

How do I qualify?

You are blogger, publisher or content creator and own a website or other digital platform

Become a SpoonFeed affiliate partner

Let’s revolutionize the online market together! Tell us about you and your brand and we will get back to you.